APUSH Homework

Unit Homework

You will have homework due on every Wednesday of the week. There are three main parts of your homework: outline, unit videos, and then a quiz. If you would like to purchase your own AMSCO book, then click the link below. I have also attached PDFs below for each chapter. 

Outline the Chapter in your Notebook

As you read the chapter, take notes on all the bolded sections and terms. You need at least 1 sentences per bolded event/term for full credit but a good outline may include more. Choose the most important information and write it down in your own words. They do not have to be complete sentences. 

Watch the Unit Videos

In addition to the chapter outlines, I will provide videos for you to watch each unit. These will help provide quick summaries of main topics as well as provide questions for you to answer. Go to Edpuzzle.com to watch and use the code: 

Study for your Quiz

We will have a quiz on each chapter as a way to practice your recall of information. These will be a mix of multiple choice and written response. 

AP US History Chapter Homework 

                        Unit 1: 1491 - 1607 
  1. A New World of Many Cultures, 1491-1607  Download

                   Unit 2: 1607 - 1754
  2. The Thirteen Colonies and the British Empire, 1607-1754 Download
  3. Colonial Society in the 18th Century Download
                  Unit 3: 1754 - 1800
  4. Imperial Wars and Colonial Protest, 1754-1774 Download
  5. The American Revolution and Confederation, 1774-1787 Download
  6. The Constitution and the New Republic, 1787-1800 Download

                 Unit 4: 1800 - 1848
  7. The Age of Jefferson, 1800-1816 Download
  8. Nationalism and Economic Development, 1816-1848 Download
  9. Sectionalism, 1820-1860 Download
  10. The Age of Jackson, 1824-1844
  11. Society, Culture, and Reform, 1820-1860 

    Unit 5: 1844-1877
  12. Territorial and Economic Expansion, 1830-1860 
  13. The Union in Peril, 1861-1865
  14. The Civil War, 1861-1865
  15. Reconstruction, 1863-1877

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